Your Membership and Donations support The Hub on Canal’s commitment to outreach to the underserved in our community.

We thank you — and your community thanks you.

Kids Paint Together at The Hub

In support of its vision of Art • Creating • Community, The Hub on Canal offers outreach programs designed to provide free access to art, artists, its historic facility, events, and classes — to specific groups of individuals who may greatly benefit from artistic inspiration. These groups include children, disabled military veterans, seniors with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

Art and music classes are offered to all school aged children and young people who qualify — providing them a chance to see and experience great masters of art, explore the wide varieties of artistry and music, and tap into their own creativity. The ultimate goal of the outreach programs is for students to see and express themselves and their world in new ways, to learn to accept different interpretations, and to gain the confidence to be creative in their own way. Hub artists teach diverse techniques and the varied aspects of the art world. Classes are taught on site — or can be provided at other venues when students have difficulty traveling to the facility.

Memories in the Making Outreach Program

Memories in the Making is a FREE art program that provides people experiencing early-stage Alzheimer’s and Dementia with a forum to express themselves through watercolor painting and drawing. Because there are no mistakes in art, creativity and fun are the primary focus in this outreach program. Caregivers are welcome to attend and participate. No art experience is needed. Interested families should contact Alzheimers’s Association.