Call for Artists for The Hub + Jane’s Members Exhibition Cigar Boxes Unboxed Exhibition in The Hub’s Founders Gallery
July 6 – August 28 

Opening Reception 
Saturday, July 6 from 4 to 7pm
Awards at 6pm

Exhibition Theme 
Cigar Boxes Unboxed is an exhibition of art created by The Hub on Canal + Jane’s Art Center Members. All artwork must incorporate or integrate a cigar box (use your own or one provided by The Hub), either whole, deconstructed or reconstructed — 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional. You may use the cigar box as your canvas or integrate its parts into your artwork creation. Member’s choice! 

Open to all Hub and Jane’s Members to enter. One entry per Member.

Entry Fee
$20 payable with online entry (link below).

Entry Form and Fee Deadline
Friday, June 1, 4pm, to submit your application and $20  entry fee. Your artwork is not due until June 27-28. Pick up a free cigar box at The Hub, or use one of your own.

Artwork Delivery Dates
Thursday, June 27, and Friday, June 28, 10am-4pm.

Artwork Pick-up Dates
Thursday, August 29, and Friday, August 30, 10am-4pm.

Artwork Price
At the discretion of the artist. NFS (not for sale) is also an option.

Sales Commission
25% commission of all sales from the exhibition will be retained by The Hub on Canal.

Cash prizes will be awarded during the opening reception. 

If you are not entering online, please complete and mail or deliver this form with your $20 entry fee.

Cigar Boxes Unboxed Members Exhibition Application

2D or 3D?
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Price: $20.00