Once my family moved on to the next step of life, I also moved on by continuing my education and getting my BA and MFA in Computer Graphics and Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology. Followed by teaching and tutoring Adobe software to traditional and non-traditional students.

After moving to Florida from western New York via Connecticut, I began exploring more non-traditional printmaking techniques including woodcut, linocut, mono-printing and gelli-plate printing and combining them with digital photography. Using images from local flora, fauna, landscapes and tourist attractions, I enjoy experimenting on different types of papers and boards.

My digital photography (sometimes called digital painting) has received many awards and recogni- tions. Over the years I have been a member of many art and photography clubs and organizations. Most recently helping to develop an Art center for mem- bers of the Sebastian community. I am looking forward to enjoying my time in New Smyrna Beach exploring new ideas and making new friends.