Terrence L Cope

Oil Paints and Textured Mediums terrencecope@yahoo.com copetheartofterrencelcope.godaddysites.com
I liked Seattle. Was taking bronze sculpture classes learning the lost wax process. Dad got transferred with the Shuttle Program in the mid 70’s so it was another change. We had moved quite a few times with the space program before Florida.
I would quickly adapt to the ocean life and carry it into my creativity. Got pretty good at surfing, sadly not good enough to make a living. 20 years I would manage supplies in a Boca Raton art market and as manager of a popular internet mail order for a national art supply chain. Here I’d learn different mediums and be influenced by many in the South Florida art scene.
I’ve grown to love mediums. Mediums for texture or effects. I’ve used oils since grade school and though I can be found using acrylics my first love will always be oil paint. There was something about dimensions, possibly from my sculpting days, that never left my painting.
Time would bring them together in a soup of waves, friends, fish and memories as touchable textures on canvas. There is a corrosion to my images. There is a childishness in my creativity. There are memories inside the characters and moments long gone except what remains etched in my thoughts. As the saying goes, “Old surfers never die …. they paint”. OK, I made that up.