Richard Moore

Broom Making

Many years ago I watched a broom maker at a craft show in Berea, KY build Shaker-style brooms on original equipment dating back to the 1800’s. I was struck by the beauty and form of this craft. Some years later I crossed paths with this Kentucky Master broom maker, and learned he had been a former demonstrator at Shakertown, Pleasant Hill, KY for eighteen years. He gave me instruction and sold me the three pieces of equipment, also from the 1800’s, I would need that I bring to the shows to make brooms on site. I now create the standard Shaker-style brooms on traditional handles, both round and flat, as well as on various hardwood handles of Ashe, Dogwood, Hawthorne, Hickory, Sassafras, Sumac, and Sweet Gum. Many of my handles are woven above the broom from the stalks of the broomcorn. Some of my more popular brooms have hand carved Wood Spirits near the top of the handle. I came to this craft late in life and now, at age 70, I take pride in creating these traditional Shaker designed brooms. Their beauty, quality, and lasting durability are my reward.