Nancy Shea

Oil Painting, Paper Cutting

Living just steps from the ocean in New Smyrna Beach, I find that I paint mostly seascapes and landscapes.  However, I generally include architectural elements in my oil paintings.  I have a fascination with bridges, bungalows, and boats.  It’s something about the geometry of the structures that captures my eye. I am also drawn to figurative painting, which I do on commission.

Most recently, I have been working with marbled paper.  I use beautiful papers, scissors, and glue to create paperscapes — landscapes, seascapes, even space-scapes. I study the marbled paper until a shape or form comes to me and I start cutting.  I finish with a small black silhouetted figure of a person, animal, or machine, which creates a startling contrast and animates the vista.

I began my art studies formally in 2004 in a series of graduate painting classes through Virginia Commonwealth University.  I would have to say, though, that my father was my greatest influence.  He taught me to draw and to mix colors before I could read or write.  I had some of the most amazing coloring books on the block.