LuAnn Widergren

Painting [email protected]

Painting is not only a passion; it is a necessity. I’ve always as far back as I can remember, had the desire to capture the beauty of the landscape. In the last few years, living in Florida – living the dream—focusing on coastal scenes. With a paint box and linen panels, I paint in oils, outdoors, often along coastal inlets, piers, and at the beach.  With a limited amount of time with changing light, and other challenges, such as a boat rowing out of my scene(!), painting outdoors, en plein air, can have its challenges, yet the essence of a scene cannot, for me, be captured with a photo. Often, I take these small field studies back to the studio to use for larger works, striving to maintain the essence of the scene.

I hope my work will resonate with you, as a conduit of nature’s expression. Getting out into nature’s beauty is revitalizing; in lieu of being outside, may a painting serve to be uplifting for you.