Linda Carthaus


My passion for art began early in life. I took numerous art classes and spent years of dreaming of becoming an artist. It wasn’t until I reached my forties that the opportunity to develop what I always dreamed of become a reality. I was successful in other businesses, but simply never had the time to pursue my passion of painting.

Twenty-three years ago, I began living my summers in Vermont, traveling, and winters in Naples, Florida. I traveled the world for next twenty-years with my husband which is when I rediscovered art and the ability to express myself through my paintings. I began painting Plein Air, began taking workshops, and meeting other artists. At the time, the intention was not to sell my art…, but simply a means of expression and fulfillment.

I owned a design studio in Naples Florida for fourteen-years. I sold a lot of my work there and donated it to various charities causes. Prices generally ranged from $400 to $2,000.  I continue to do so through a charity to help impoverished children in Vermont.  I presently live full-time in New Smyrna Beach and have been enchanted by this beautiful little beach town. After reading about The Hub in Plein Air Magazine I am excited and honored to be a part of it.

Now, painting Plein Air while listening to music seems to transcend me to a different place. Sometimes it feels like the paint just falls off the brush and the paintings simply create themselves. The creative energy it brings me is spiritual. I love color and the loose movement of uninhibited expression, impressionistic styles, the visual reflection of feelings, and the moments of personal interpretation. I believe thoughts and moods reflected on a canvas have the ability to renew spirits. This what I hope to accomplish through my art.