Artist Statement:         

I love art…I love the creative process.  My art is a personal observation on life and nature filled with images I’m inspired to document, although sometimes the work takes on a life of its own.

I’ve drawn on lessons learned from mentors as I refine and stay true to my own style. My goal is to continually learn, experiment and evolve, expressing myself with freedom, joy and gratitude.

I use mixed media and texture including acrylic paint, ink, watercolor, marker, colored pencil, oil paint, oil  pastel and chalk pastel.  I may also collage handmade paper, bits of printed images, words, letters, photographs, vintage post cards, string, fabric, shells and other various items and textures to add dimension.

My Background:

My pursuit of knowledge in the arts continued with a BA (Arts and Communications), additional studies both locally and in France and online with various global artists.  I have enjoyed my long-term membership in Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and its collaborative impact.  As an Artist, a Gallery Owner and Coordinator of Art Exhibitions, I have endeavored to further immerse myself professionally in artistic ventures where self-expression and originality is encouraged and shared.