Katherine H. Parker

Mixed Media

I can’t remember a time when art wasn’t an important part of my life and I’ve lived a few years now. I went to Wake Forest University expecting to major in Biology and took a painting class for ‘fun’. That was all it took. I realized that for me Art was not frivolous and fun but a serious undertaking. I transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill and changed my major to Art Education. I left teaching after 10 years to concentrate on my art work selling in galleries, other venues and outdoor arts festivals in the Chapel Hill, NC, area and in recent years on the coast of NC. Florida has been our winter home for the past ten years and my husband and I have recently moved to Edgewater, FL, as year round residents.

There are few art media that I haven’t enjoyed over the years but my focus at this point in time is mixed media and digital photography. The mixed media method that I use is to first create a collage using papers, fabric, found items, old artwork, etc. and then painting over it with semi-transparent acrylics. This is a unifying layer with the collage peeking through. To me this is like the many layers of our complex lives. I’m especially partial to using random faces as the acrylic layer with the collage hinting at what lies behind the human façade. 

With digital photography I love capturing the beauty of nature – birds, rust, flowers, water, boats, shells… the list is endless. I print photos on watercolor paper, canvas and other quality supports using pigment-based inks. Being digital I can control the image and transform it into my personal vision.

I have won a number of awards and ribbons along the way but the greatest satisfaction comes from exploring, creating and then sharing your work with those who love and support the arts.