Julie Latayan


I hope you enjoy my Sculptural Journey-From the fanciful to the furtive;

the whimsical to the wistful;

the satirical to the sublime

For over 30 years, Julie Latayan has been an Artist. Originally known for her paintings and working in acrylic with a menagerie of styles and subjects. Her early influences were the French Impressionists. Their use of color reflects in her style. These are currently represented in realism of figures and shapes.

Julie was a high school art teacher, she traveled the art show circuit nationally, painted murals in public spaces including Childrenā€™s hospitals in California, and owned her own public studio teaching painting and selling art.

Always expanding her repertoire Julie is currently inspired by sculpting; her sculptures show the same dynamic movement and creativity as her paintings. You may have seen her creations in galleries located in Florida, Arkansas, Florida, New Orleans and Illinois.–

Artist Statement
I was born this way! I grew up knowing I was an artist I never had a doubt.

The need of making, building, and creating are the same to me as the need for food and shelter. Without them, I would not make it in this world. I have a gift to create and have always stayed true to myself.

We all have to be many things in this lifetime and had many jobs but one title I have always kept is Artist.

When I share my art, I share the best part of me.