I am a printmaker, focusing on relief printmaking
and monotype printing. Work is either carved on a wood or linoleum
plate with small chisels and then printed any number of ways using an
etching press. Monotypes are more spontaneous pieces as they are
created as much on the press as on the plate. My work goes back and
forth between methods arbitrarily. My subject matter is very eclectic
as well, ranging from the natural world to purely abstract.
I started showing my work at the HUB with an exhibit in September of
2018 and continue to demonstrate and teach the methods I know best in
Look for my work at the HUB and check out any upcoming workshops on
the horizon.

Jennifer Harper–Nine Planks, monotype
JH–Night Flower, monotype
JH–Saint James Canopy, reduction print
Jh–Flight Path, Woodcut
JH–Carolina Susans, 4 plate print