Grace Senior Morandi


I was born in Colombia, South America. Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with color.

One of my uncles owned a business which built and designed stages and floats for parades. I loved seeing him direct his employees to bring his creations to life. One day, he let me help paint and design some of the floats. This was an important moment for me, when I became interested in creating and expressing ideas with color.

During my school years, I attended private classes in drawing and painting. At 13 years of age, I won my first National Art Contest. Shortly after those years in school, I didn’t paint again until I retired from working. Art took a backseat to my professional career and motherhood.

I learned and developed my art in papier- mache and painting through workshops,which have taught me so much. I studied with great teachers in the USA, South America, Mexico and Europe to develop the use of different techniques and materials. Today, it forms the basis of the way I express myself with my art.

I like to share my knowledge with others, teaching them art in an abstract form, using a touch of realism. Constantly, I try new ways to express the ideas with color and texture marks. I paint using many layers, using gel mediums, gesso and other materials, which create visual textures extemporaneously and without a previously conceived idea. I trust the process of my method of painting, adding layers of paints and enjoying the creation process and experimenting.

I have been fortunate to be recognized with many awards throughout the years for my paintings. My artwork is in private collections in the USA, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece, Panama, Puerto Rico, India, Scotland and Spain.

I do not see myself as a realistic painter, but I do keep some realism in the creation of compositions. I understand Art as the expression of my inner feelings, not a copy of existing objects. In my opinion, Art is a way of transforming objects into feelings and colors, which then express moods and emotions.

I am not attached to any traditional art movement, but I most closely relate to the Fauve, Impressionist, and Abstract schools.

My favorite painters are Andre Derain and Gabrielle Munter.

The techniques I teach are designed to awaken creativity.

I purposely price my original artwork pieces reasonably in order to provide the opportunity for anyone to acquire my works and fulfill my desire to be featured in homes and businesses worldwide.