Founders Gallery – October – Johanna Riddle – More Than Words Can Say

July 13, 2022
Riddle_Johanna_ A Fragile Web_MM_17 x 23 in

How appropriate that Johanna Riddle’s exhibition, More Than Words Can Say, will grace The Hub’s Founders Gallery in October.  Johanna’s work will feature the interaction between largely 2D art and the written word, and October is National Book Month.

Like many artists Johanna’s work is often inspired by a passage in a book or poem.  Likewise, works that did not spring from the written word often inspire Johanna to write about what she just created.  Johanna’s exhibition will use both of these pathways to share the connection with the viewer.  Finally, Johanna will offer a unique opportunity for exhibition viewers to select from provided written passages and create a “piece of art” that they feel reflects that passage.  The creations can be uploaded to a file that Johnanna will manage during the exhibition’s run.  Stop by and see Johanna’s work and get involved.