Founders Gallery – February – Ken Bowser – 20x20x20

February 7, 2023

February Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery 20x20x20, landscapes by Ken Bowser. Beyond the obvious and tragic health effects, the impacts of the Covid pandemic were varied and often unexpected. Our personal coping strategies drove many of those impacts. The desire to avoid the virus pushed many into isolation and others in the relative safety of the outdoors. For artists, that decision can alter the trajectory of a career. For Ken Bowser, that was the case. Ken had long been a writer and book illustrator, when he prepared to embark on a book tour in March 2020. The emergence of Covid profoundly altered Ken’s plans. He dusted off his plein air easel box, headed outside and threw himself into the creation of a range of landscape paintings. True to his experience as both an artist and writer, Ken created a poem or short narrative to accompany each painting. The Hub on Canal is pleased to bring you Ken Bowser’s 20x20x20 exhibition. Opening from 4-7pm. Artist’s talk at 6pm. Exhibition through February 26.