Founders Gallery – April – Enzo Trapani – Enzology – Living Healthier, Happier & Longer

April 2, 2022
Talk Art_April 2022_Enzology

Opening Reception Saturday, April 2, 4-7pm

Artist Talk at 6pm

On display through May 1

We all understand that the color blue is considered calming. Reds, oranges and yellows evoke stimulating responses. It’s also scientifically accepted that the arts have a therapeutic effect. Dr. Enzo Trapani, renowned artist and neurologist, has taken these basic concepts much further. Many years of research in psychology, medicine, nutrition, quantum physics and spirituality has led him to establish what he calls “Enzology.” Trapani’s exhibition will show and explain how color, art and the environment combine to both promote and restore physical and mental health. Experience this exhibition and feel better!