Founders Exhibition – February – Terrence L Cope – Come Out and Play?

February 12, 2021

February 7 through February 28

Come Out and Play?

Time that turned my beard white and wrinkles my brow has shaped memories. Memories spill out in texture and color. Details lost or broken in time are now abandoned. Hard lines separate loves and adventures of days gone by. As the tremors in my hand increase and sight climbs the scales of dollar store glasses, I find that images in my head are not so exhausting. Corroded faces of youth stare back from a time not so long ago. Images drawn like Sunday comics isolate images in my playground. My body settles as my mind still believes it can dance through the night. 
Oh well …. Waves are good today — I think I shall go to my studio and paint. 

About the artist: Twenty years managing Jerry’s Artarama and Pearl Art Stores in South Florida has given Terrence L. Cope a unique life-lesson on funneling his creativity. Cope equates materials to numbers in a math problem or words in a dime novel. Terms like “brush stroke,” “pigment,” “opaque,” “transparent” become the notes in the music we see, coming together in the expression and creation of art. He is excited by the materials he employs — getting lost in the mixing of colors that play with each other while creating a fantasy. No matter how ‘in the weeds’ the artist may get on the way to the finished work, his goal is to entertain and celebrate sight through a dance of the hand and eye. Cope believes that there are so many images that cross our paths that often we don’t stop and appreciate them. And he hopes the observer of his art finds a place in one of his paintings to be entertained.