My work has always dealt with memories. Collecting stones as a child, or shells at the beach as I have grown older, along with finding interesting driftwood and other found objects weave their way through my current medium of fine art vessels. They are literally the receptacles that carries these memories. Be it the linework that is an extension of the linework I utilized as a printmaker, to painting techniques reminiscent of my work as an abstract painter. Each object I incorporate into my work brings back the memory of where it was obtained . . . Montana de Oro, CA collecting stones with my husband and young daughter, Yosemite with friends that now live far away, a close friendā€™s yard in Williamsburg, VA, and branches from a relativeā€™s garden whose memory now lives on in these works of art. They all have personal meaning to me and when I use them within my work it is an extension of myself and a part of who I am today.