Cynthia has been a Bench Jeweler for the Iast 40+ years, working for several well known national jewelry retailers, and a few years owning/running her own Merritt Jewelers, a full service jewelry store specializing in Custom Design and Repair.
She later received a degree in graphics and spent 12 years creating and readying vector artwork for screen printing, designing catalogs and other printwork.
Currently she is dedicated to designing and creating wearable art inspired by nature, fantasy and sculptural form.  She enjoys hand fabrication for the more direct application of textures and form, but also love the freedom and flow that comes from sculpting and carving wax for lost wax casting. She often combines graphic art with metalwork.   She prefers to work in14kt/18kt gold and sterling silver.
“I love the color and contrast that precious and semiprecious stones provide and so incorporate these often. I strive to make my jewelry creations eye catching and comfortable for the wearer.”