Watercolors, Alcohol Ink, Screen Art Sculpture and Abstract Acrylic Flows

Cindy Dennis was born and raised in Oklahoma City and her passion for art began as a young child. In addition to art classes, she constantly studied to improve her mastery of various art techniques, methods and styles. Her inspiration comes from special memories, images and ideas that strike her as opportunities to “connect” with others. In this regard her work encompasses a wide range of subjects and styles rather than a singular approach.

Her primary medium is Watercolors. She finds this medium offers her great freedom to create color schemes, highlights and shadows to depict her subject matter. She also enjoys creating artworks with alcohol inks on yupo paper which provides wonderful opportunities to create images awash with vibrant colors and effects unique to this medium. She recently began working with mesh wire to form unique three dimensional figures she calls “Shadow Art”. When exposed to sunlight these artworks cast fascinating shadow effects. Much of her subject matter in this medium involves portraits of famous figures that provide vivid memories to the audience when they recognize the image.