“My work uses colors, tones, text, textures and intriguing images torn or cut from recycled magazines, catalogs and other paper to create collages.

The overall effect is a new vision emerging from smaller intriguing images, where things may not be what they seem.  These collages contain surprising little images within the art, giving them a dream quality.  As with dreams, little bits of information that may seem irrelevant combine together to create a new story.

By building the subject of the collage with random images, based on their color and tones, it gives each piece an abstract and whimsical look inviting the viewer to come into my world and find the mystery in the details.”

Cindy Burkett is an artist and graphic designer. Her artwork and paintings have been used as elements in marketing campaigns for her clients and as a signature image for the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, Parrish Medical Center and others.  Her art is in corporate and individual collections in the U.S. and Europe.

She has won hundreds of state and local awards for her advertising designs as well as a national ADDY award, the marketing industry’s equivalent of an academy award.