Artist Statement

Like a time-lapse photograph that shows every second of the images as they change, my art is a layered visual record of all the moments of its creation. Without a reference or pre-conceived idea as to what will appear on the canvas, I make a mark and follow it, paint with spontaneity, add and subtract layers. Fueled by intuition until it is complete, the work is confident and offers deep personal satisfaction. As a writer uses words, text, sentences, the nonobjective painter uses the elements of art like color, texture, line and mark. These are my tools. Using only internal references – thoughts, emotions — each piece is an adventure, a visual puzzle, mysterious and unpredictable.


Before retirement I worked as a college counselor, educator, psychotherapist and author. The focus on words — speaking, listening, reading, writing — communicated ideas, feelings and emotions. These are what inform my work as an abstract expressionist painter who does not paint from a visual reference but from my inner world, weaving the unconscious with the conscious.

My art background began with representational watercolor, then explored mixed media/collage before moving to non-objective abstract art in 2012.

My work has been shown in a variety of galleries in Florida as well as the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach, FL. I am an exhibiting gallery artist with The Hub on Canal in New Smyrna Beach and an invited member of Beaux Arts of Central Florida. My work is in private art collections nationwide and has been featured on the covers of the September/October 2015 issues of the Gage Publishing Magazines, New Smyrna, DeLand and Ormond, July/August 2018 edition of Ormond magazine and the November/December 2019 edition of Halifax magazine.