Barry Kite has been re-composing art historical iconography since the 70’s.  Three books of his work have been published along with over 400 note cards featuring his irreverent collages. Through galleries and art fairs, over 50,000 prints and originals have been sold.  His work has appeared in books, on album covers, calendars, upscale (not the cheap kind) t-shirts (alright, maybe the cheap kind), blah, blah, blah…

His work can be found in the collections of… well, they’ve asked me to keep that to myself.  Barry’s collage skills were honed through extensive training in Miss Walter’s kindergarten class, where, through relentless discipline, he learned to stop eating the paste.  He has a BFA in film.  Later studies in Art History led him to the belief that: “Hey, what’s the big deal.  Aren’t you all taking this stuff a little too seriously?  Seems to me that someone is just trying to make a buck here.  And this newer stuff–just what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

And so a lifelong quest to correct and contemporize the work of everyone else that thinks they’re artists began.

Having recently relocated from San Francisco, he works out of his Aberrant Art Gallery: 118 N. Beach St., in Daytona Beach.