Founders Gallery – December – Robert Shirk – From Surreal Visions to Points of Color

From Surreal Visions to Points of Color, a retrospective of the paintings of Robert Shirk. This exhibition tracks the artistic journey of Robert Shirk following the evolution of his paintings from surrealistic landscapes to neo-pointillist portraits. Learn why Shirk paints dots of color on acrylic sheets, while gaining insight into what motivates and influences his paintings. Each painting is a neo-pointillist three-dimensional kinetic image that moves and changes as the viewer’s perspective changes. Opening from 4-7pm. Artist Talk 6pm. Exhibition through December 29. 

Founders Gallery – November – Art Strings: Veterans Art Show

November Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Art Strings: Veterans Art Show, an exhibition of artwork incorporating or integrating stringed instruments, created by veterans, current military and members of their immediate families. 

Official exhibition opening combines with Music Night on Friday, November 10, in honor of Veterans Day. Exhibition through November 26. Wine and beer available for purchase. 

Founders Gallery – October – Bethany Bennett & Straun Wagner – Apocalypse Now

October Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Apocalypse Now, paintings by Bethany Bennett and Straun Wagner. It is often the case that great art challenges the viewer. A reckoning of thought is forced. Such is Apocalypse Now, featuring the work of artists Bethany Bennet and Straun Wagner. 

In our polarized society, emotions and divisions run deeper than ever before. Some are energized by the debate. Others are beset by feelings and woe and gloom. Bennet and Wagner follow the second path.

You won’t come away with a neutral view on this exhibition. Don’t shy away from the challenge. View Apocalypse Now and choose to join the artists’ view of the state of the world or choose the sunnier path. Opening from 4-7pm. Artist’s Talk, 6pm. Exhibition through October 29. 

Founders Gallery – September – Volusia Art Stars

September Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Volusia Art Stars will contain Artworks created by Volusia County High School art students curated from the adjudicated Spring 2023 Exhibitions and State Art Award recipients. Work on display is a selection from the winners and stand outs from Scholastic State Art Exhibition, Volusia Students Create, Volusia Select and individual High School Exhibitions. Art Stars of Volusia will consist of two- and three-dimensional art and photography created by our Advanced Art Programs students from six high schools. Opening from 4-7pm. Exhibition through October 1.