Founders Gallery – May – Emerging – A Mix of Local & Promising Talent by Daytona State College Studio Arts Students

May Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery: Emerging – A Mix of Local & Promising Talent by Daytona State College Studio Arts Students. The students included in Emerging are either seeking an art degree or taking DSC courses as an elective to enhance their skills and knowledge in the fine arts. The growing levels of artistry and creativity of these talented college students will be on display. Opening 4-7pm. Exhibition through May 26. Wine and beer available for purchase. 

Founders Gallery – March & April – Carson Kapp – Going Bananas: Big and Bold!

March and April Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery – Going Bananas: Big and Bold! paintings by Carson Kapp. “What do you want to do with your one wild and precious life?” Our March-April exhibition artist, Carson Capp, finds great inspiration from this quote by Mary Oliver. Carson’s paintings offer you a chance to return to a place when you were young. She invites you to let her big and bold creations embrace your own wild and precious life and just go bananas! This spirit is on full display in her exhibition. Through painting, Carson welcomes her inner child as a connection to her true spirit – one curly headed girl playing with the magic of color while exploring wonky, whimsical, energetic worlds of her imagination. In her former life Carson was an architect concerned with structure, safety, and function. Her work was commercial, massive in scale and complex. Now, she practices going bananas – painting wildly with the pure joy and wonder of life. Opening from 4-7pm. Artist Talk 6pm. New paintings will be installed for the month of April. Exhibition through April 28.

Founders Gallery – February – Alexter Albury – Recipe of a Man

February Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Recipe of a Man, paintings and drawings by Alexter Albury. Recipe of a Man is a captivating collection of sublime paintings that delve into the depths of human emotions. Each piece serves as a visual testament to the intense and profound feelings experienced by individuals. Last Light Standpresents a poignant portrayal of a soul standing defiantly against the backdrop of fading hope, while the enigmatic piece Coma invites viewers to explore the ethereal realm between consciousness and the unknown. The raw vulnerability of the human spirit in isolation is revealed in Cast Away. Immerse yourself in these evocative compositions as they offer a profound glimpse into the intricate recipe that defines the essence of human existence. Opening from 4-7pm. Artist Talk 6pm. Exhibition through February 25.