Andrew Rogerson


As Picasso declared, every photographer wants to be a painter, so it is no surprise that many artists are also committed photographers. Having trained my vision of the world through a camera lens and a microscope, this formative education still influences my view of the natural world. a scientific view within an ever-seeking quest for truth defines my work. 

I find my focus in close-ups of nature, rather than panoramic vistas. My paintings are frequently the result of a photograph I have captured, one that inspires me to reinterpret and explore through the medium of oil paint. My paintings reveal an idealized vision, an incorruptible purity of intention to ‘see’ and then to interpret that vision onto canvas. 

Regardless of subject, I am captivated by the quality of light, the movement of water, the textures inherent in vegetation, the vibrancy of color and the perspectives offered by the natural world. Whether celebrating the lush green of Scotland, the ruggedness of the northern California coastlines, the colors of Fall in Arkansas or the light of Florida, I revel in the moment and challenges of different locales.

Much of my work has been sold in the areas where I have lived. The work that remains to be created here in Central Florida contributes to my sense of place in the location I now call home.