July-August Exhibition: Cigar Boxes Unboxed: The Hub + Jane’s Members Show

Cigar Boxes Unboxed is an exhibition of art created by The Hub on Canal + Jane’s Art Center Members. Each piece incorporates or integrates a cigar box, either whole or deconstructed, into unusual and interesting 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional compositions. Opening reception 4-7pm. Awards 6pm. Exhibition through August 28. Wine and beer available for purchase.

Founders Gallery – June – Razzle Dazzle Redux: Fashion Designs from the 2024 Razzle Dazzle Fashion Show

Razzle Dazzle Redux is a journey into the minds of visionary student designers, poised to redefine the landscape of fashion. With a kaleidoscope of color palettes and styles, each piece is a testament to the boundless imagination and budding craftsmanship of this next generation of trendsetters. From avant-garde couture to street-style chic, this curated collection celebrates the ingenuity and creativity exhibited during the year-long season of the Razzle Dazzle Fashion Club. 

Students work directly with skilled designers, seamstresses and local experts to learn the basics of fashion design, pattern-drafting and garment construction. Each year, students are presented with a theme for their Showstopper Collection. This year’s theme was Aesthetic, meaning a particular theory or concept of beauty. Student-designers were encouraged to establish not just a look, but a lifestyle for their target market. From modest beginnings to stunning creations, each piece on display is a labor of love and a reflection of the students’ dedication and passion. 

This exhibition is more than just a showcase of fashion; it’s a celebration of achievement, empowerment and the transformative power of education. 

Exhibition through June 30. Beer and wine available for purchase.