2nd Annual Chalk It Up! Sidewalk Chalk Competition

Thank you for everyone who participated in this year’s Chalk It Up! Sidewalk Chalk Competition!

Experience the joy of being part of a fun and creative event where artists of all ages come together to make Canal Street a beautiful exhibition.  Artists of all ages and levels are invited to participate in this exciting event where they use 4’x4’ sidewalk canvases to showcase their works of art.

Chalk It Up! is in its second year and we have expanded the competition to make it more fun for the artists and also for the many visitors who will be viewing the art.  The sidewalk art competition will be held in conjunction with the city’s Art Fiesta! arts and crafts event that highlights the work of more than 250 artists/ crafters, and offers food and live entertainment.  More than 7000 visitors attend Art Fiesta!, many of whom continue to Canal Street to enjoy the sidewalk competition.  

Levels of Competition:

This year we will be offering 7 levels of competition:  Adult Professional, Adult Amateur, Family Group (any combination of adult and child), High School, Middle School, Elementary School and Business. Individuals or teams of 2 are invited to attend. 


Registration is free for the event.  School teams will receive a free chalk pack.  Spaces (4’x4’) will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  The first 30 registrants will receive a free package of chalk.

For Registration information: CLICK HERE

Complete the form and bring it in person to The Hub on Canal or mail the registration to The Hub on Canal, 132 Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Local Business Competition

Local businesses are encouraged to participate in the BUSINESS COMPETITION category.  There is no restriction regarding the artist, and business owners may create their own designs or hire an artist to do so.  Businesses may create a work of art in a 4’x4’ space in the business section or in front of their own business!  The winner of this competition receives a traveling trophy to display until next year’s competition.

Categories of Art:

Each artist has the opportunity to enter in one of the following categories for competition:  

Original, Photograph (show the photograph and credit the photographer), or Masterpiece (name the artwork and credit the artist) or conservation (water or energy conservation theme).

Monetary awards will be given in all categories (except Business and Conservation).  
Adult Professional:  3 awards of $100 and 1 additional award for $200 Best of Show
Adult Amateur: 3 awards of $100 and 1 additional award for $200 Best of Show
High School: 3 awards of $75 and 1 additional award for $100 for Best of Show*
Middle School:  Monetary awards and 1 additional award of $75 for Best of Show*
Elementary School:  Monetary awards and 1 additional award of $75 for Best of Show*
Family Group: Monetary awards and 1 additional award of $75 for Best of Show

Conservation:  Best of Show receives a basket valued at $250 courtesy of the Utilities Commission.
Business Category:  Best of Show awarded the Chalk It Up! Business Competition traveling trophy.
*Best of Show winners also receive a basket from the Utilities Commission valued at $50 to present to their art teacher.

Event Schedule and Awards Ceremony

8-9am: Registration in front of The Hub on Canal, 132 Canal Street 
4pm: End time for chalk artwork to be judged
5pm: Awards Ceremony (artists encouraged to be in attendance)

The Hub on Canal will offer free water at the registration table for artists.  A break room with snacks and a light lunch will also be available in The Hub on Canal.

Things to Think About

  • We will be supplying some filler chalk, but you will need to supply your own chalk as well for usage through the duration of the event.
  • Schools will receive 1 package of chalk 
  • Consider registering early!  Click the link above to download the form.
  • Practice your design before the event takes place.  
  • Create an image of your design and a gridding technique.  Print the image and tape it to the ground in front of your space or use a clipboard.
  • Bring a fold up chair
  • Extras you might want to have include measuring devices, baby wipes, paint brushes, hair spray, foam mat, broom, scissors and camera

Interested in become a CHALK IT UP! SPONSOR?  CLICK HERE

The Chalk It Up! Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition is sponsored by The Hub on Canal, the City of New Smyrna Beach, and the Canal Street Historic District.  For additional information, visit The Hub on Canal website at ww.theHUBoncanal.org or call 386.957.3924.

Written by Vicki White and Chery Rich, Event Coordinators for Chalk It Up!