Pam Coffman Creates Treasure Troves of Love

Artist Pam Coffman almost dismissed pursuing a college education by limiting herself to one class in the late 80s. But the teachers who crossed her path had other plans for the student. Today, Coffman is Curator of Education at the Museum of Art (MoArt) in DeLand and brings her “Remnants, Relics and Recollections” to The HubĀ October 7-30.

“I was fortunate to have all these people teach me,” said Coffman, reflecting on whom she fondly calls her “tor-mentor” Professor Grady Kimsey at then Seminole Community College. He implored her to pursue a degree in education and she ultimately received her Masters in Art Education and Studio Art in 1993 from Florida State University. Ironically, being a teacher was the last thing she wanted to do and it became the only thing she wanted to do.

Coffman likens her collages on exhibit at The Hub to a collection of short stories. Finding inspiration in poetry, gardening, what she reads and the “weird things that pop into my head”, she says each piece helps her answer questions we all have about time, relationships and spirituality.

“Looking at the collection is like looking into a jewelry box,” said Coffman. “Each piece will be hung intimately.”

About Coffman’s work, MoArt CEO George Bolge writes “One word should stand out in any discussion of Coffmanā€™s art. That word is love. Love for art, for her subjects, her objects, her craft, her tools, her materials, and, most of all, love for the mysteries, ideas, and ideals she espouses in her work. Love permeates her creations, and is, Iā€™m personally convinced, what her art is all about.”

Coffman was encouraged by a friend to apply to The Hub for consideration as an exhibitor and appreciates its mission of “Art Creating Community.”

“As a Central Florida artist, The Hub is important because it makes art accessible. I can’t show my work in a museum; only national and international artists can,” said Coffman. She continued that The Hub’s offerings like writing, art therapy and ukulele lessons bring in people who may never see art.

Being surrounded by art is continually inspiring to Coffman who is busy preparing for an Escher exhibit at MOA that opensĀ January 26, 2018. “I believe everything has been done,” said Coffman “but our work is still unique because it’s our vision. I’m going to paint it like nobody else because nobody sees it like me.”

Opening Reception
Plan to attend the opening receptionĀ Saturday, October 7Ā fromĀ 4-7pmĀ in the Mackay Gallery with an artist talk atĀ 6pm.

Written by Tonya West, Volunteer for The Hub on Canal, Inc.