VIA Sponsor Poster final

Do you know about the Veterans in Art (VIA) program launched three years ago at The Hub on Canal? VIA serves our wounded warriors and disabled veterans by offering art and music programs through VIA scholarships. Since VIA’s inception, we have served more than 13 veterans with art and music classes of their choice. Perhaps you heard about The Hub’s VIA program at our music night events in November on or around Veterans Day, where we honor our veterans. Our veteran band always draws a big crowd and the featured artwork of participating veterans provides a showcase for their talents.

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Razzle Dazzle 2019

The Hub on Canal and the City of New Smyrna Beach presented this fun and exciting fashion event at the Brannon Center, 105 S. Riverside Drive in New Smyrna Beach. 300 people attended the sold out event on May 19, 2019. The New York-style fashion show featured haute couture clothing modeled and designed by middle school students from The New Smyrna Beach After School Fashion Club. Proceeds from the event support the After School Fashion Club, The Hub on Canal community outreach programs and the City of New Smyrna Beach children’s programming.

Through this after school program, students learned the basics of fashion design, color, fabrics, sewing, pattern making, and the business of fashion.

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NSB_Chalk it Up_Sponsor_need 3-3

February 23, 2019

The 2nd annual Chalk It Up! competition was held on Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach on Saturday, February 23,2019.  The event, sponsored by The Hub on Canal, the City of New Smyrna Beach and the Canal Street Historic District, was held in conjunction with the 57th Annual Art Fiesta! art show.  

More than 80 artists of all ages participated in the event, creating artistic images on 4×4’ spaces on the sidewalk in front of local Canal Street businesses.  Thousands of visitors strolled the street to view the beautiful chalk art creations.

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3rd Annual Student Film Festival

The Hub on Canal Announces the Second Round of Judging for Student Films

The Hub on Canal is proud to announce that it has completed the first round of judging for the student film festival film entries submitted by high school students throughout Volusia County.

Twelve students are invited to participate in the Phase 2 judging process on Saturday, February 16 at The Hub on Canal at 9am.  These students will provide an overview of their films and answer questions from the judges’ panel.  The film panel is comprised of six film industry professionals including directors, scriptwriters, producers, cinematographers, directors, and college professors.

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Thank you for everyone who participated in this year’s Chalk It Up! Sidewalk Chalk Competition!

Experience the joy of being part of a fun and creative event where artists of all ages come together to make Canal Street a beautiful exhibition.  Artists of all ages and levels are invited to participate in this exciting event where they use 4’x4’ sidewalk canvases to showcase their works of art.

Chalk It Up! is in its second year and we have expanded the competition to make it more fun for the artists and also for the many visitors who will be viewing the art.  The sidewalk art competition will be held in conjunction with the city’s Art Fiesta!

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Susan Ellis Speaks for Hub on Canal

The City of New Smyrna Beach continued their monthly workshop series, Coastal Community Resiliency, on June 19 with a session devoted to our local economy. Hub founder and volunteer, Susan Ellis, representing The Hub on Canal.  Below is the text from Susan’s speech.

“In 2006 and 7 there was a housing boom…and in 2008 the recession hit Florida hard.  It was especially bad in Volusia County – one of the areas that ranked highest in the entire nation for foreclosures.  In 2010 unemployment numbers in Volusia County were 12.8 compared to the national average of 9.8.

In New Smyrna Beach the economy suffered.

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Tad Fyock European Bee Eaters

 If you’ve been on an African safari, whether in the primeval rain forest or arid dessert, it’s likely you’ve encountered Bee Eaters. Small, interesting birds with very colorful plumage, chances of spotting them are relatively easy given the 20 species that are common to the continent. If you haven’t ventured into the wilds, you’re in luck! As many as twenty-two artists’ interpretations representing a variety of mediums will be on exhibit in The Hub’s Higginbotham Studio,  April 6-30, 2018.

The exhibit will be the result of a “Through Another’s Eyes” challenge, the brainchild of Hub artist Tad Fyock.

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Everett, Charles_Nothing too precious_mixed media on canvas_30x30

There is something that happens a lot at The Hub. Somewhat akin to an “a ha” moment one gets when something obscure becomes clear, it is the point at which people connect on a deeper level. Given The Hub’s mission of creating community, there are lots of opportunities for these kindred spirit moments to occur. One such cool one happened during First Saturday in February.

Just a few short hours before the opening of Charles Everett’s “Context for Crisis” exhibit, Hub co-founder Sally Mackay was part of a standing-room only crowd gathered to watch a dulcimer demonstration.

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Carolyn Land, The Hub on Canal


“My art reflects who I am and I am nature. – Carolyn Land

On a cool day in January, the Sandra Lloyd Gallery warmly welcomed 30 community members to The Hub’s monthly Talk Art series. Carolyn Land, whose been with The Hub for six months, began by answering questions most often asked of the artist who dabbles in both the real and the abstract.

Integrating Art Forms

Often people wonder why she pursues both art forms. “For me, they are both part of me. They are totally integrated within me.”

While she doesn’t prefer one form over the other, abstract expression excites her.

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Frank Ferrante has many interests, but he has always been passionate about the sea and about oil painting.  As a landscape and seascape oil painter and teacher at The Hub on Canal, Frank is able to combine his loves and his talents, creating bold intense images of life near or on the sea.  New Smyrna Beach provides an endless array of subjects; through its rich colorful history, its beautiful beaches, and the many stories about life in an old Florida beach town.

In 2011 Frank moved from New Jersey to Volusia County where he found The Hub on Canal, and became a Hub studio painter and teacher. 

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