Liz_Carey_The Black Collection_Speaking Out I_37x37x1.5_Distressed Custom Silver Frame_Acrylic & Acrylic Inks on Canvas_$2500

Opening reception August 6 from 4-7pm
Exhibition through August 28

Another exhibition of abstract expressionism?  If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, right?  Don’t be so sure.  Liz Carey’s exhibition, The Embodied Experience, is most certainly abstract expressionism but she’s found a fresh take on the style.  Liz says her pieces have a lot to say, being simultaneously big and powerful but soothing and peaceful.  We’d say the pieces feel in motion.  There’s an energy about them that is transcendent.  Liz brings the use of negative space into her work in a way we’ve not seen before.  This body of work demands to be seen.

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07 Johnson_Cushman_C_Red Moth jpeg

Two- and three-dimensional art and photography created by Advanced Art Programs students from six Volusia county schools, Works are curated from the winners and standouts from the 2022 Scholastic State Art Exhibition, Volusia Students Create, Volusia Select and individual high school exhibitions. Opening from 4-7pm.

Exhibition through September 25.

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Carolyn Land in Founders Gallery

I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with Carolyn Land’s work.  Since I only became acquainted with The Hub on Canal six years ago, I know it has to be less than that. But I do remember when I fell in love with her. I took a workshop with instructor Carolyn at the Art League of Daytona, and the woman awed me! She had paints, tissue paper, adhesives, homemade crazy paper, texture boards, pieces of rust, decorative papers, and pieces from nature. She threw paint onto canvas and onto paper. Then she ripped the paper up, waved her magic hands over the canvas, and a masterpiece emerged.

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Riddle_Johanna_ A Fragile Web_MM_17 x 23 in

How appropriate that Johanna Riddle’s exhibition, More Than Words Can Say, will grace The Hub’s Founders Gallery in October.  Johanna’s work will feature the interaction between largely 2D art and the written word, and October is National Book Month.

Like many artists Johanna’s work is often inspired by a passage in a book or poem.  Likewise, works that did not spring from the written word often inspire Johanna to write about what she just created.  Johanna’s exhibition will use both of these pathways to share the connection with the viewer.  Finally, Johanna will offer a unique opportunity for exhibition viewers to select from provided written passages and create a “piece of art” that they feel reflects that passage.  The creations can be uploaded to a file that Johnanna will manage during the exhibition’s run.  Stop by and see Johanna’s work and get involved.

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2022 July Members show square

July Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery 10,The 6th Annual Members Exhibition. Come see the exciting ways Hub members have interpreted the number 10, in celebration of The Hub’s 10th anniversary.

Opening from 4-7pm, Saturday, July 2.

Exhibition through July 31.

Exclusive Hub Members Night Preview Event Friday, July 1, 5:30-7pm.

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Jules Silver - Pickup Sticks

Opening Reception June 4 from 4-7PM

On display through June 26

Paper Works presents a selection of two- and three-dimensional works by Hub artists either applied to paper or composed of paper. You will experience paper in a whole new light. 

Exhibition promotion art by Jules Silver, Pickup Sticks, paper and mixed media

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Arieanna Goodin_6 Ring Vase_Ceramics_8x6x6

Opening Reception May 7 from 4-7PM

On display through May 29

Emerging: A Mix of Local & Promising Talent by Daytona State College Studio Arts Students. The students included in this exhibition are either seeking an art degree or taking DSC courses as an elective to enhance their skills and knowledge in the fine arts. These promising and talented students are displaying their growing levels of skills and creativity in this show, Emerging.

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Talk Art_April 2022_Enzology

Opening Reception Saturday, April 2, 4-7pm

Artist Talk at 6pm

On display through May 1

We all understand that the color blue is considered calming. Reds, oranges and yellows evoke stimulating responses. It’s also scientifically accepted that the arts have a therapeutic effect. Dr. Enzo Trapani, renowned artist and neurologist, has taken these basic concepts much further. Many years of research in psychology, medicine, nutrition, quantum physics and spirituality has led him to establish what he calls “Enzology.” Trapani’s exhibition will show and explain how color, art and the environment combine to both promote and restore physical and mental health.

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March 2022 - Dennis Childs - Artist's Back Yard

Florida Impressions by Dennis Childs

Opening March 5, 4-7pm

Artist’s Talk 6pm

Exhibition through March 27

Impressionism was born in France in the 1860s. The movement grew tired of academic teaching’s emphasis on depicting subject matter with literary overtones. Until then, paintings were done in the studio from field sketches. The impressionists instead chose to downgrade the subject matter and shift attention to the artist’s manipulation of color, light, tone and texture. Painting shifted to en plein aire, where the artist dispassionately painted the colors they saw at a moment in natural light.

Dennis Childs brings the impressionist style to Florida landscapes and other outdoor scenes.

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Hub exterior - square

“I want to use a big brush.”  
“Can you stop making sounds?”
“Miss Denise, I don’t get this.”
“What are blue and yellow”
“Van Gogh is my favorite artist.”
“Can I keep this? It looks so good already.”
“Miss Denise, I really don’t get this.”
“Look at you with those earrings.”
“Oh, I get it now!”

And an entire room erupting in giggles at the sound of the last bit of paint being squeezed from a bottle. “Ohhhhh, that’s a f*%t!”  (I just can’t type it; that’s another “f” word that hurts this Southern woman’s ears.)

These are just a few of the excited remarks I heard coming from Room 17 at The Hub on Canal on two different Mondays and from two different age groups.

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