Founders Gallery - December - Robert Shirk - From Surreal Visions to Points of Color

From Surreal Visions to Points of Color, a retrospective of the paintings of Robert Shirk. This exhibition tracks the artistic journey of Robert Shirk following the evolution of his paintings from surrealistic landscapes to neo-pointillist portraits. Learn why Shirk paints dots of color on acrylic sheets, while gaining insight into what motivates and influences his paintings. Each painting is a neo-pointillist three-dimensional kinetic image that moves and changes as the viewer’s perspective changes. Opening from 4-7pm. Artist Talk 6pm. Exhibition through December 29. 

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November Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Art Strings: Veterans Art Show, an exhibition of artwork incorporating or integrating stringed instruments, created by veterans, current military and members of their immediate families. 

Official exhibition opening combines with Music Night on Friday, November 10, in honor of Veterans Day. Exhibition through November 26. Wine and beer available for purchase. 

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Bethany Bennett - what about their future

October Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Apocalypse Now, paintings by Bethany Bennett and Straun Wagner. It is often the case that great art challenges the viewer. A reckoning of thought is forced. Such is Apocalypse Now, featuring the work of artists Bethany Bennet and Straun Wagner. 

In our polarized society, emotions and divisions run deeper than ever before. Some are energized by the debate. Others are beset by feelings and woe and gloom. Bennet and Wagner follow the second path.

You won’t come away with a neutral view on this exhibition. Don’t shy away from the challenge.

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Carson, Mcgonigal, K. Colored Pencil_1

September Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Volusia Art Stars will contain Artworks created by Volusia County High School art students curated from the adjudicated Spring 2023 Exhibitions and State Art Award recipients. Work on display is a selection from the winners and stand outs from Scholastic State Art Exhibition, Volusia Students Create, Volusia Select and individual High School Exhibitions. Art Stars of Volusia will consist of two- and three-dimensional art and photography created by our Advanced Art Programs students from six high schools. Opening from 4-7pm. Exhibition through October 1.

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Todo lo Latino July-Aug 2023 web image

The Latin culture is rich and diverse, and The Hub on Canal is proud to bring a taste of it to our Founders Gallery. The exhibition title, Todo lo Latino, reflects our effort to showcase the rich tapestry of the Latino culture. We present a selection of fine cigar boxes adorned with stunning label art, plus unique cigar box guitars, provided by Michael Breedlove/MBG Guitars, and purses. We are complementing the cigar boxes and creations with bold paintings by Columbian artist Grace Senior Morandi. To complete the Latin feel, the two-month exhibition opening reception on July 1 and reception on August 5 will feature a salsa dance demonstration by professional dance instructors Richard Rakhmatulin and Elizabeth Taylor – and the bar will offer sangria. Opening from 4-7pm.

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Hollmann_Stacia_Circus Bear sm

Emerging: A Mix of Local & Promising Talent by Daytona State College Studio Arts Students. The students included in this exhibition are either seeking an art degree or taking DSC courses as an elective to enhance their skills and knowledge in the fine arts. Emerging displays the growing levels of skill and creativity of these talented students. Opening 4-7pm. Exhibition through June 25. 

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Pamela for Donna's Article

If you do not know Pamela Ramey Tatum, I am so delighted to introduce you! If you do, you already know that you are quite a fortunate person. Here come the adjectives: Pamela is a smart, funny, talented, loving, enthusiastic, complimentary, beautiful, diverse, unique soul.

If you follow her on Facebook, you know how important family is to her. So many of her posts are devoted to the memories of loved ones as well as the celebration of those still alive.  And her husband! Goodness gracious, that man is loved! He must know how incredibly blessed he is to be showered with such adoration and I’m sure he is just as head over heels for her.

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Fu Fish - Hettel

April Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Transcendental Shoals by David Christian Hettel. Can you find order and structure under the sea? In the realm of darting schools of fish and swaying forests of kelp that might seem far-fetched. David Hettel would beg to differ. Hettel’s exhibition, Transcendental Shoals, skillfully marries the aquatic themes that have long captured his interest with his love of graphic design. The result is an intriguing ordering of the random. Opening from 4-7pm. Artist’s talk at 6pm. Exhibition through April 30.

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A1-20.0258N, 80.9270W

March Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery Fish Tales, paintings by Byron Keith Byrd. Inspiration is a funny thing. It often arrives unexpectedly and pushes an artist in directions they may not expect. Byron Byrd frequently finds himself inspired by a sense of place. For most of 2022 he has been painting his trademark abstract impressionist creations in Port Orange. This proximity to the sea and our waterways inspired work that evoked the myths, legends and folklore of the great bodies of water, both ancient and contemporary. Byron paints both large and small, 2D and mixed media. You will also find some unique presentations of his work. Are you ready for the voyage?

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February Exhibition Opening in The Founders Gallery 20x20x20, landscapes by Ken Bowser. Beyond the obvious and tragic health effects, the impacts of the Covid pandemic were varied and often unexpected. Our personal coping strategies drove many of those impacts. The desire to avoid the virus pushed many into isolation and others in the relative safety of the outdoors. For artists, that decision can alter the trajectory of a career. For Ken Bowser, that was the case. Ken had long been a writer and book illustrator, when he prepared to embark on a book tour in March 2020. The emergence of Covid profoundly altered Ken’s plans. He dusted off his plein air easel box, headed outside and threw himself into the creation of a range of landscape paintings.

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