Vaigale Duers

Jewelry, Mixed Media

Growing up in Chicago, art was not a priority in my life.  My parents considered it a waste of time!  Though I did love the occasional chance encounter with an art class.  Having received my B.S. from Loyola in 1968, I went on to study accounting, and in due time became an accountant.

Obviously, a closely related field to art!

Upon retirement, my husband and I moved to sunny New Smyrna Beach in 1987, and we found ourselves in a whole new world!  People here actually played for a living and enjoyed it!  That enjoyment was art and something inside clicked!

My first art class was with Jean Eck, a local watercolorist, who had the patience of Job.  Having studied with her for several years, I took various workshops with other watercolor artists, and came upon a pastel demonstration that totally turned everything around.  To this day, I am STILL a pastelist.  But of course, always wanting to try something new, I took a lampworking class (melting glass in the torch) and got totally hooked.  From there, I tried fused glass, and glass painting (glass onto glass).  I’ve been working with glass for 8 years now, and am always fascinated with what can be done with it!

I am honored to be one of The Hub on Canal artists, and do hope you enjoy my works of glass, pastel, oil, and watercolor.