Joe Campanellie


Artist Statement: “The passion I feel for avian photography is hard to explain.  That time of day when the rays of the rising sun first become visible and the birds take flight is indeed very magical.  I stand at the edge of the swamp as the fog gently lifts off the cool waters. The wind is still and the air is heavy with the aroma of the lagoon. The birds are just awakening and stretching their wings. Some perch motionless with their wings spread waiting for the sun to gently touch and warm them before they take to the skies. The early risers are already busy looking for their morning meal. It’s a time when the water lies still and the reflections are almost life-like. The colors can move from cool to warm in the span of just a few moments. I become excited with the photographic possibilities and at the same time I feel helpless, knowing that I have so little control over my morning’s chosen subject.”

Bio: Joe Campanellie is a Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman,  Certified Professional Photographer, and an Approved Affiliate Juror with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). He has the distinction of  being 1 of only 87 living individuals worldwide to hold the prestigious Fellowship Degree from the American Society of Photographers and has been an international “Photographer of the Year” for the past 11 years straight with PPA.

Before relocating to Florida, Joe and his wife ran a high end portrait studio in Maryland for nearly 30 years. Moving to Florida gave Joe the opportunity to pursue his love of avian and nature photography on a full time basis.