“I work in the medium of transparent watercolor, although I do introduce some semi-opaque watercolors used in a transparent way. I feel this allows the white of the paper to glow through the watercolors. The surface I work on is heavy 100% rag paper. The pigments I use are professional grade.

The pigments are applied to the paper surface in a direct and spontaneous manner with brushes and water, allowing the pigments to interact on the paper, which creates a glow as well as unexpected qualities that show a more natural approach to watercolor. These applications are part of the process and allow the viewer to be more involved with the creation process. I change the colors intuitively as I work, trying to create new color harmonies. I like the look of a painting to feel ‘alive’ – as caught in the midst of a breath and still moving.

The portrait, figure, as well as floral images, are used as elements to design the paper, in an effort to communicate some special quality and connection that I have with the subject. In my portraits, I try to discover the uniqueness of each individual – that search makes my journey new and exciting at every turn.

I love the fluid nature of watercolor. To me, the interaction of artist with the medium is like a dance – full of motion, feeling and expression. Discovering new color and composition as the painting develops is my joy.
As a teacher, my goal is to enable students to find their connections with watercolor in new and expressive ways.”

Janet Rogers, AWS

Janet has been a working professional award-winning artist for over 30 years, and has also enjoyed a full schedule of instructing watercolor workshops throughout the United States, as well as Europe. She has been featured in many publications as well as having 4 Instructional DVDs produced.