My artistic influences are varied. Because mother gave me many personal accounts of her childhood in Depression era rural America, I am interested in expressing the American experience in a way that I hope will resonate with the general art viewing public. I feel that my work represents a country in a state of flux. I have an interest in surrealism, for its vision of reality merging with dream imagery. My paintings contain symbols, but I’m not trying to convey a literal meaning since there are so many ways of interpreting them. Having lived in thriving artists’ cultures in Richmond, Virginia and San Francisco, California, I firmly believe that visual artists reflect aspects of the modern soul.
Color harmony is all-important in my work. I can navigate the mechanics of drawing and composition, but the color is what brings it all together.
I think about the psychological spaces we have constructed around us as Americans. My paintings often are based on photographs I’ve taken in the area where I live in Florida and also during my road trips across the United States and South America. Sometimes I get ideas that won’t let me go, and I spend several days envisioning how to put them on a canvas. My most recent painting was inspired by a blog post I stumbled across, in which a woman lamented the fact that her hens would not roost at night as they were supposed to; they kept running around, chasing moths.
My paintings represent the human condition as I see it: the primal drive to conquer yet coexist with nature.