Art in the Form of Film: Sideways (2004)

at The Hub on Canal

Friday, June 21, 5:45pm-9pm
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Pamela for Donna's Article
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On the Road with Pamela Ramey Tatum

If you do not know Pamela Ramey Tatum, I am so delighted to introduce you! If you do, you already know that you are quite a fortunate person. Here co...

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Founders Gallery – June – Razzle Dazzle Redux: Fashion Designs from the 2024 Razzle Dazzle Fashion Show

Razzle Dazzle Redux is a journey into the minds of visionary student designers, poised to redefine the landscape of fashion. With a kaleidoscope of c...

A New Chapter Begins

The Hub was conceived in 2010 as a place where our whole community could gather to experience a wide-ranging expression of the arts. The three founding friends sought to break down barriers to access. Success followed. The Hub opened in 2012 and through 2022 more than 375,000 people have experienced all we have to offer. Our journey continues, but today (3/30/23) we announce and humbly accept the gift of Jane's Art Center from Terry Jane England. The Hub and Jane's emerged on the Arts scene 7 years apart, but with the common public purpose to nurture the arts in our community. Today, the new combination is greater than the sum of its parts. We're just getting started.
The Hub on Canal is a 501(c)(3) organization