Yolonda Pelz

Clay, Photography yojamespelz@gmail.com

Yolanda Pelz is an internationally known clay artist specializing in award winning, handmade, one of a kind, nature theme and whimsical art pieces in clay.  She has been making her clay art and pottery in Colorado and Florida for over 30 years.

Many patrons have collected pieces of her artwork in the United States, Europe, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.  Her work has become a favorite of private collectors and businesses for event pieces, honors and awards, weddings, special occasions, gifts and corporate architecture.

The clay art works are one-of-a-kind signature museum quality collectible originals.  Each piece is unique.  The artist individually signs all art pieces.

Clay art pottery is wheel-thrown and hand built, then fired twice in a kiln.  Whimsical sculptures are unlike any other and are one of a kind.  The glazes are mostly handmade by the artist using formulas and processes that are unique.