Suzanne Marie Allen

Plein Air Painting

Suzanne Marie is a Plein Air artist currently working on a series of paintings titled: Along the Intra-Coastal Waterways. Painting from her hometown in Port Orange, FL down the coast as far as Mosquito Lagoon she is capturing the untouched sites of the shores and tributaries to the Halifax and Indian Rivers.

Suzanne feels the best way to start a landscape painting is by going on site. There she can get the full force of the landscape’s beauty. She points out that sites change from day to day, season to season, and there is no better way to visualize color and space then being their experiencing it for yourself. She loves the challenge of each new site, the fresh air and the spontaneous response that captures the essence of that day.

“I have a creative urge to point out the beautiful aspects of nature that might be missed if I hadn’t painted them. I love it when someone comes along and says, ‘I never noticed that before’.

My quick plein air paintings often evolve into larger studio works. My goal is always to create a beautiful work of art that people can relate to. I do believe art has some thing to do with beauty. The best loved landscape paintings in the world have endured for hundreds of years because they are beautiful. I hope when ever my patrons look upon their new painting they will smile.