Peggy Banks

Peggy Banks has two bodies of work.  Both embody handmade paper using banana leaf fiber known as abaca.  Abaca is a long sinuous fiber that is desired among professional paper makers for its superior strength and versatility.  While Banks often incorporates photo transfers, hand dyed silk, and mixed media elements into her art, the constant is the use of paper. With its ancient organic qualities, paper serves as a respite from our busy technological world.

Her “Outside the Box Series”  represents a kinship with the natural world alluding to  waterfalls,  seasonal transitions, and  sky/waterscapes with the improvisational  elements of jazz.  These  abstract  mixed-media compositions are largely hand dyed silks fused with handmade paper superimposed over 18 gage copper.  Banks then applies a patina using organic processes.  The resulting piece is glossed to protect the surface adding depth of color and a protective layer.

Her “Euro Series”  represents Banks’ travels abroad and alludes to the cultures and the geography of France and Spain specifically.  Banks led a tour called The Artists of France and Spain, taking art students and friends to Europe, traveling there on over 8 tours.  This non-objective body of work evokes Rodin’s Gardens, Flamenco Dance, and the architectural structures in France and Spain.

Peggy Banks has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout the 35 plus years she has been included in art shows.  Banks’ work has been included in several museum exhibitions including the Florida Museum of Art, The Florida Women’s Museum, The Ormond Museum of Art, and the Tampa Museum of Art.  Her work is housed in the permanent collections of Lincoln Center, The White House, Daytona International Airport, The New Smyrna Beach Library, The Deland Court House, and Bert Fish Medical Center — as well as other institutions throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.