Pamela (Sam) Adams


I have no reason to do art other than loving what is green, organic, sweet, humorous, textured and rhythmic – and then wanting to dissect it and ingest it.  It has always been this way and I am open to exploring any medium as long as it challenges and intrigues me.

Working in stained glass and copper repoussé, I have been striving to free myself of the parameters that being a sign painter for 30 years instilled.  Rules had to be followed to make a sign that was easy to read, enjoyable to look at …and always satisfying someone else’s idea.
This is exciting to explore what is interesting to my own eye and quenching my own thirst.  I like to think of glass as a pigment, using the pieces to “paint” a picture.  I also like to let solder form its own life, resembling lava, adding interest to the panel. Copper is a new adventure.  There is a very satisfying tactile quality to pushing a flat sheet of copper out of shape and into another shape.

Pamela (known as Sam to friends) is an Air Force brat.  The gypsy spirit instilled early, she grew up in Mississippi, England, Oklahoma and Massachusetts. Her roots are in New Hampshire.  She has spent her adult life between New Hampshire, West Virginia and Florida. Port Orange, Florida is now her newly adopted home.

Art and music have been her focus since childhood.  After attending Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts she became a sign painter and graphic artist for the next 30 plus years, designing all illustrations and lettering herself.  She became known as the painter to go to if you wanted a sign or a boat lettered that was original, eye catching and fit your personality.

While lettering boats around Homosassa, Florida full time, the advent of computers was making the demand for hand painted signs obsolete…actually a portent of a welcome change for her. During this time she happened to see Tiffany’s multilayered, highly textured panels at the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida.  The reaction was visceral and she realized that here was her means of real self expression.  With love of texture and color she could see that anything was possible with stained glass.  She continues to explore the possibilities of glass and solder.

Her new passion is copper repoussé.  She finds this a much more personal and less technical medium than stained glass… and a welcome reprieve.  Exploring the give and take of pushing copper and mixing the copper with glass is proving to be a new satisfying adventure.  Once again, the possibilities seem limitless.

Pamela was a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen where she was on the board of glass jurors for 5 years.  She taught stained glass at the Kimball Jenkins School of Art in Concord, New Hampshire for many years, and was a founding member of The Village Artists Coop Gallery in Ashland, New Hampshire.

She is a juried artist at the Tamarack Art Center of West Virginia where she was juried into the 2015 Best of West Virginia show and the 2015 Governor’s Council for the Arts Best of West Virginia show.  She was a member of Artists at Work Gallery Coop in Elkins, West Virginia and was also a member of Artistry on Main Coop Gallery in Buckhannon, West Virginia where she taught stained glass for a number of years.

She has been commissioned for many large stained glass pieces in businesses and private homes across the east coast.