Pamela Ramey Tatum is an award-winning professional, full-time artist who paints in oil and acrylic.  She receives many commission requests.

“Painting is my way of rejoicing on canvas the miracle and wonder that life – every single breath of it – is.  In my still life paintings, I’m attempting to express the beauty in the everyday, the extraordinary in the ordinary.  But whether painting a person, a still life, a city or a nature scene, I attempt to reveal the connection we feel to these things or people in our environment that enrich our lives.

My paintings are always an emotional expression.  Whether I’m painting fruit or a beautiful seascape, I always start with what I feel about my subject and what I want to evoke in the viewer.  Many times it’s about a memory or a mood and sometimes it’s simply about the excitement of how the light is dancing on a particular subject.

I paint mostly because I see beauty in something or someone, and I want to capture it, to hold onto the beauty that I have fallen in love with.  My hope is that others will see the beauty too and perhaps fall in love as I have.”

Pamela had a 5-week art residency and international exhibit in Assisi, Italy in December 2014.