Enzo Trapani

Abstract Painting enzoartist@gmail.com www.enzoart.org

Even since I remember I have held artistic potential in my soul. My inspiration comes from my essence—my own being.

As I create a piece, emotions become colors on the canvas. These feelings are displayed as colors without any specific form, as emotion is equally formless. After I finish shaping a stone or coloring a white canvas, I feel as though I have shared the peace and comfort I feel in my own universe. This potential that I realize, every time I create art, comes from forces inside of me that feel so natural, so automatic, it is like breathing.

Creation to me is liberating, even therapeutic. I feel as though I am taking consciousness, or pure energy, and shaping it into art. This is how I communicate with the world. I hope my art triggers emotions in all who view it. I feel art is a portal to the human soul and I am merely the avenue between the two.