French artist born in 1975 in La Tronche (French Alps). Due to her dad’s profession they moved regularly and went to Germany, where as a child she keeps a strong memory of her own experience of the Berlin wall fall in 1989. At 19 years old she studies Fine Art, Art History and Archaeology at the Louvre School in Paris, while working on archaeology diggings at the European Research Centre in Mont Beuvray(Burgundy, France). She spends 5 years at the Louvre School thanks to which she acquires knowledge in art theories, art collections, creation techniques, iconography, the birth of religions and spirituality and how those are expressed through art, history and archaeology. Her background in archaeology explains her fascination of prehistory, history, and ancient civilisations. In parallel of her courses, she spends hours training her eye and her hand by studying and copying ancient masters and sculptures of the Parisian Museums. ‘’We moved so much with my family and later on with my own path… I am from everywhere and nowhere, though I am eternal homesick and do have a strong sense of the importance of my ancestors roots back in France and Poland, and their history defining my own identity as an individual. Elodie has a long life time experience of her travels abroad, since later on her inspirational path took her in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, and Poland. End of year 2015, she follows her husband and artistic path in the U.S.A. and in 2016 they create L’Atelierd’Esther,LLC, their private art studio located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, which offers Fine Art, Decorative Painting and Mural Art.

With her drawings, she opens the door to her subsconscious inner world, with curious and spontaneous visions, created directly with natural pigments and ink on watercolor cold press paper, no preliminary drawing, no mistake allowed!!Often some historical references to the countries of her missing family roots, France and Poland.

Her motto ”Spiritual Landscapes, Metamorphosis and Altered Spaces” :With her oil/acrylic paintings, The processus of spiritual/physical transformation does fascinate Elodie.In nova fert animus mutatasdicereformas / corpora; “I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities”. (The Metamorphosis, Ovid)